wtorek, 31 maja 2011

different kind of style..

Evening girls,
As an 'ex' dancer my life had to be mostly made out of music. Every beat, every sound, yes it all matters to create something beautifuul.
Not a while ago, in January for my birthday I got the greatest present ever, my Dr.Dre by Lady Gaga 'Heartbeat' earphones. An icon of music and fashion, Lady Gaga scored three #1 hits on her debute album. Visually, 'heartbeats' are designed down the last detail by Lady Gaga. Working closley with Dr.Dre and Monster they reflect her commitment of amazing sound.
When I firstly got them it was something compleatly werid and new to me. The shape was different to my usual ipod earphones and it took me a while to get use to them. As soon as you put them into your ear, you're taken into a different world. The world of music.. everything sounds better than with normal earphones. You can hear the smallest details that you've never heard with any other earphones. Plus they look cute and have an adorable case.
A while later, another present..and this time I became a lucky owner of 'Tour' earphones. I was so delighted to try them out and when I did I felt disapointed. No, not with them but with my Lady Gaga 'Heartbeats'. Tour earphones seemed to be even better and louder, they are even more amazing and they give out more options for us to love them!
Now every earphones by Dr.Dre are very high quality earphones and each of them have some amazing features:
High Resolution Sound: Ultra-fast, accurate speaker design delivers the full details of today's digital music with extreme clarinity and deep bass.
Tangle-free cable: Earbuds are increadibly convinent, but they got one big problem: they tangle. But monster's innovative, patent-pending flat cable design in ultra-flexible and tangle-free.
Full Power: Large high-effeciency drivers play loud without distortion.
Noise Insolation: Sealed in-ear design reduces external noise for better music experience.
Custom Fit: Multiple earbud sizes of the most comfortable, secure fit.
Protective Case: Compact case for safe storage.
Thanks for reading,
Weronika xoxo

Clinique - High Impact Mascara

Hey Dolls,
Today I am doing my very first review on my blog! I will be reviewing my 'Clinique High Impact Mascara'. I have my mini 14OZ.4g sample from the Glamour magazine and have been using it for approx. 2 months. If you want me to review any other products of mine, please let me know in the comments! Now, let's get onto the review!
Clinique says: "High Impact Mascara is a multi-benefit mascara that adds maximum volume with definition and lenght. Specially developed brush and formula work together to dramatically thicken lashes while seperating."
When I firstly got this mascara I was highly impressed with the way it work's on my lashes. It adds a lot of volume to the lashes and makes them stand out. The pigmentation of the black is amazing and the brush is the perfect size and density. It dosen't clump, dosen't flake or smudge plus it lasts all day. I would definatly say this gives much more volume than lenghtening even with using your eyelash curler. Gives a very nice natural looking, everyday, fresh lashes, if you are into 'high-end' mascaras I would definatly recommend trying out this one.
Here are my before and after pictures:
Where to buy this product?: You can purchase this product online at Clinique website.
Price: 15.00 for 8g (recommend looking out on Ebay, as sometimes they go pretty cheap).
Benefits: Thickening (as for me, more of volume).
Shades: Black & Brown.
Thanks for reading,
Weronika xoxo

my first OOTD & FOTD

Afternoon girls,
Yes, I am back again and this time with my first ever 'Outfit of the day' and 'Face of the day'. Hopefully I will have more of these coming up soon.
Today was finally a dry day in UK, sun shining but still a bit chilly. I had to quickly pop to the post office to send some packages, but I wanted to dress up a bit more and take pictures of my outfit. I'm still trying to work out how to use my camera and how to take the best pictures. These pictures we're taking myself but I will hopefuly next time I'll get someone to take the pictures for me!
Anyway, enough rambling again, here goes my outfit for today!

♥ flowery crop top - vintage boutique in Bristol,
♥ yellow skirt - Primark,
♥ black leggins (since it was a bit chilly outside) - Primark,
♥ gold necklase - gift from my mum,
♥ black quilted 'chanel' bag - cheap fake on ebay,
♥ pearl earings - cheap set from Primark
♥ braclets - lot's of diffrent places, mostly Primark and some we're gifts from Germany,
♥ black shoes with gold studs - Primark (yes! i looove primark).
♥ Skin food peach sake pore makeup base,
♥ Revlon ColorStay foundation in 180 Sand Beige,
♥ MAC Select Cover up concealer in NW20,
♥ MAC Studio Fix Powder in NC15,
♥ Maybelline Dream Sunglow Bronzing Powder in 03 Bronze,
♥ MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Medium/Natural and shimmer (only the shimmer on my cheek bones as a highlighter),
♥ Estee Lauder Artist's Eye Pencil in 01 Softsmudge Black,
♥ Maybelline The Falsies Waterproof mascara in Black.
Thanks for reading,
Weronika xoxo

and here it goes..

Hey Dolls,
I've been collecting makeup for over a year now, and I must admit..my collection is pretty big, (well, at least for me). A while ago I bought myself this georgus vanity from Ikea and I've been absolutly buzzing it. Still after all that long time, I haven't really sorted my collection out, but it's looking better than in my boring but atleast pink train case. I took a couple of snap shoots to share my collection with you! If you have any questions about any products or want me to review something, please feel free to leave a comment below.
Okay, enough rambling, let's get onto the collection!
This is the vanity overall, yes I do regreat buying the black one as it get's dusty very quickly and wipes get handy! This vanity has three big drawers, and the first one contains all of my makeup. Oh, and say hi to my M.A.C Notebook!
It has two small drawers at the top, and in both of them I just keep random samples or back-up products. On the first draw I just keep my makeup brushes and perfume that I'm currently loooving 'Diesel Fuel For Life' and my two georgus 'Harajuku Lovers' where as on the second draw I just keep my beautiful candle and my vintage mirror, with two gift's I got from my friend.
In the middle, in my old 'Gucci' gift set box I just keep my everyday products, e.g. makeup base, acne/spot treatments, moistrusers, hair sprays and random hair products.
Whoo, and here it goes! The first draw contains all of my makeup! It might not be a lot for you but I must admit; if I ever get any new makeup product I don't have a clue where I'm going to put it. As you can see all of my shadows are just flying around at the back, but soon I'm planning of getting another one of thoes Ikea containers that holds my makeup.
Hope you enjoyed this blog post! Again if you have any questions about any products, please feel free to comment below and I should make a review.
Thanks for reading,
Weronika xoxo

poniedziałek, 30 maja 2011

you're my addiction

Afternooooon Dolls,
Yes, yes I know! I've only been on here since yesterday and I'm already...addicted!
All I think about is posting another post, hopefully you don't mind?!
Soooo, this is just a random blog letting you know that I'm already addicted!
It's been the third day in UK, that it's been raining again, so no going out for me! God thanks that I have no school for the next week and more time for blogging. It's been a rough couple of weeks, lots of exams and revision! After this half term I have work experience and mooore exams to come, which I'll probaly fail (fingers cross I won't). Overall since the weather dosen't let me go out, I've been doing a lot of cleaning in my room (yes! can you belive me?) and obviusly my wardrobe and makeup. I found some goodies which I have total forgoten about, and hopefully will be able to share it with you soon! There is more 'Outfit's of the day' and 'Face's of the day' to come and hopefully some makeup related posts too.
Hopefully everyone is having a good bank holiday!
Thanks for reading,
Weronika xoxo

smell like chanel..

Hey Dolls,
It was Gabrielle 'Coco' Chanel, who was the founder of one of the most famous fashion brands 'Chanel'. She was the one who let us women, wear trousers and she was the founder of the heavenly smelling No.5 perfumes in 1920's.
The French Government reports that the bottle of Chanel no.5 perfumes is sold every thirdy seconds and generates sales of $100 million a year. It's the now and forever fragrance. The ultimate in femininity. An elegant, luxurious spray closests in strenght and character to the parfum form. The sleek, portable signature bottle is perfect for the dressing table.
As a 15 year old, loving fashion and Chanel girl, this fragnance is wayyy too musky and heavy for me. It reminds me of a very feminine women much more older than me. This is one of the most popular fragneces around the world, but not everyone will like it..
Thanks for reading,
Weronika xoxo

niedziela, 29 maja 2011

can I join?

Hey Dolls,
My name is Weronika & I'm a 15 year old girl loving makeup, fashion and...blogging?
I've been a huge fan of watching top beauty gurus on youtube and reading some of the best blogs on this whole entire planet. Today, I've decided to make my own little place, where I will be posting posts about fashion, makeup and maybe hair. I am a very girlie girl, loving life, family and friends, so hopefully I should be blogging about that too.
Hopefully you girls, will love my blogs and share it with other as I do it with other blogs.
Thanks for reading,
Weronika xoxo