wtorek, 31 maja 2011

different kind of style..

Evening girls,
As an 'ex' dancer my life had to be mostly made out of music. Every beat, every sound, yes it all matters to create something beautifuul.
Not a while ago, in January for my birthday I got the greatest present ever, my Dr.Dre by Lady Gaga 'Heartbeat' earphones. An icon of music and fashion, Lady Gaga scored three #1 hits on her debute album. Visually, 'heartbeats' are designed down the last detail by Lady Gaga. Working closley with Dr.Dre and Monster they reflect her commitment of amazing sound.
When I firstly got them it was something compleatly werid and new to me. The shape was different to my usual ipod earphones and it took me a while to get use to them. As soon as you put them into your ear, you're taken into a different world. The world of music.. everything sounds better than with normal earphones. You can hear the smallest details that you've never heard with any other earphones. Plus they look cute and have an adorable case.
A while later, another present..and this time I became a lucky owner of 'Tour' earphones. I was so delighted to try them out and when I did I felt disapointed. No, not with them but with my Lady Gaga 'Heartbeats'. Tour earphones seemed to be even better and louder, they are even more amazing and they give out more options for us to love them!
Now every earphones by Dr.Dre are very high quality earphones and each of them have some amazing features:
High Resolution Sound: Ultra-fast, accurate speaker design delivers the full details of today's digital music with extreme clarinity and deep bass.
Tangle-free cable: Earbuds are increadibly convinent, but they got one big problem: they tangle. But monster's innovative, patent-pending flat cable design in ultra-flexible and tangle-free.
Full Power: Large high-effeciency drivers play loud without distortion.
Noise Insolation: Sealed in-ear design reduces external noise for better music experience.
Custom Fit: Multiple earbud sizes of the most comfortable, secure fit.
Protective Case: Compact case for safe storage.
Thanks for reading,
Weronika xoxo

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