poniedziałek, 30 maja 2011

you're my addiction

Afternooooon Dolls,
Yes, yes I know! I've only been on here since yesterday and I'm already...addicted!
All I think about is posting another post, hopefully you don't mind?!
Soooo, this is just a random blog letting you know that I'm already addicted!
It's been the third day in UK, that it's been raining again, so no going out for me! God thanks that I have no school for the next week and more time for blogging. It's been a rough couple of weeks, lots of exams and revision! After this half term I have work experience and mooore exams to come, which I'll probaly fail (fingers cross I won't). Overall since the weather dosen't let me go out, I've been doing a lot of cleaning in my room (yes! can you belive me?) and obviusly my wardrobe and makeup. I found some goodies which I have total forgoten about, and hopefully will be able to share it with you soon! There is more 'Outfit's of the day' and 'Face's of the day' to come and hopefully some makeup related posts too.
Hopefully everyone is having a good bank holiday!
Thanks for reading,
Weronika xoxo

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